Year 3 writing assessment ideas for first graders

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Year 3 writing assessment ideas for first graders

Earth Day Ideas for the Classroom Earth Day is coming up on Tuesday, and we always devote our whole day to it in the classroom. Yes, we do believe that every day is Earth Day, and we're big on recyling and conserving energy in the classroom, but on April 22nd, we tend to go a bit bigger with our thoughts and actions.

Here are some ideas I've done in the classroom with my kiddos: Students complete a "green" report card for either their home, classroom, or school all three versions are included. I gave each student a piece of paper with the outline of the Earth on it.

They then used recycled magazines to fill in all the white space with the appropriate colours green for the land, blue for the water, and a darker black, grey, or black for the outside area. So simple, and so effective.

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We put both of these ideas together on our Earth Day bulletin board. We used regular old coffee filters, and coloured them with blue and green markers to resemble a globe.

When we were done colouring, we gave them a quick water spray with water in a squirt bottle. Then, you just sit back and watch the colours bleed together.

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Again, together they made a pretty impressive bulletin board display. Integrate Math into Earth Day - Take the current math concept you are studying in class, and turn it into a problem-solving activity with an Earth Day Twist. For this problem, we were studying perimeter and area.

Students completed their activity on half sheets of recycled chart paper, complete with diagrams. I divided the class into teams. Each team had a garbage bag and a whiteboard.

As each person came in with their garbage to tag the next team member, the team also had to keep track of every piece they collected with tally marks on a white board.

The team that collected the most garbage won, but really, the whole school won with a clean yard. We then used the data we collected on our white boards to complete a graphing activity. We were amazed by the amount of garbage we were able to collect We're using a great site - www. What a great way to integrate technology, research skills, and media all into one.

Another site you can use to make a graphic collage is www.

year 3 writing assessment ideas for first graders

Some of their announcements were research based about Earth Day, and some were activity based for the events we would be taking on in the school I let the students choose their own topics for their announcements. Because the students have an authentic audience, they took extra care with their writing, and their announcements turned out great!

We discussed using hooks to start our writing, and satisfying conclusion to end our announcements. This will be the final piece to our bulletin board display - alongside our announcements and infographics.

I can't wait to pull it all together!!! I hope you enjoyed all these Earth Day ideas for your classroom!!! How do you recognize the day in your classroom?First grade writing worksheets teach 1st graders how write simple sentences.

Use our first grade writing worksheets with your child. Answer this question and many more in this creative writing worksheet in which first graders can practice writing sentences. Use this writing assessment to evaluate their abilities to develop and describe.

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year 3 writing assessment ideas for first graders

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According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), 37 percent of fourth graders and 26 percent of eighth graders cannot read at the basic level; and on the NAEP 26 percent of twelfth graders cannot read at the basic level.

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