Utah state university opencourseware

Andrea PriceCategory: Online Classes Online learning makes it possible to take classes at anytime, from anywhere. Many of us mistakenly think that high quality education always has to come at a high cost.

Utah state university opencourseware

To become memorable, a school must reach out to people in ways that seem beneficial. Alumni organizations can help spread the word about their alma mater.

But, another fork to take in the marketing path is through the Internet, as MIT and other schools have done in sharing courses online and without charge. MIT and other schools are up front about these open source offerings — no one can earn credits from taking the courses, nor can they use the courses to claim a degree.

But, when MIT and other colleges opened their virtual gates to allow the average person to get a glimpse behind their ivory towers, these colleges became well known for their altruism and transparency. Open Courseware has become a marketing tool, as it helps schools that use this option to become mroe well known in a local and global community.

That said, the following list represents a handful of hundreds of open courseware initiatives that now exist.

The following fifty collections are from English-speaking universities and colleges, located across the U. Additionally, the list points to open courseware projects such as directories and primary source projects offered by various universities and colleges.

The list is divided into categories and each link is listed in alphabetical order within those categories. This method shows our readers that we do not favor one collection over another. Duke Law offers a vast array of materials devoted to their intellectual property rights program.

From accounting to psychology, this site contains a number of subjects to absorb.

English - OCW | OpenCourseWare (OCW) | Utah State University

Columbia University offers a database of selected digital learning resources developed by this college. Rice University offers a rich resource of learning modules that focus on a wide range of subject matter.

Find courseware here that leads into classes on topics such as microeconomics for public policy, rural transformation and many more global and policy courses. If you want to find updated courseware, lectures, articles and more on global health issues, look no further than this site.

Utah state university opencourseware

Michigan State University offers courses online in food safety, horse management, international business and planning and zoning. Feel free to take advantage of courses that range from Africana studies to theology at this site.

Carnegie Mellon offers OLI, a site where courses that foster interactivity, such as chemistry, economics and physics, are featured. The University of Michigan is on board with their open courseware project aimed at various courses from engineering to public health.


Offered by Foothills College, this project contains courses that range from creative typography to musicianship. Stanford now offers some of its most popular engineering classes free of charge to students and educators around the world.

This open courseware projects focuses on what this school does best — technology, including water management, microelectronics and much more. Tufts offers various courses from their schools of dental medicine, meicine, nutrition science, veterinary medicine and much more.

This project, offered by the University of California at Irvine, features courses in business, physical and social sciences and health.

The University of Massachusetts at Boston offers courseware in topics such as biology, history and public policy. The University of Washington offers courses online, but beware — some courses require fees, while others are part of an open courseware project. The University of California at Berkeley offers Webcasts of current and archived courses, prominent speakers and on-campus events.

This OpenCourseWare project contains courses in subjects such as automotive technology, criminal justice, information systems and technology and more.

This project contains various courses listed under information technology and liberal arts. The range of courses is too large to list here. This Canadian project features courses in subjects that range from anthropology to philosophy and studio art. Based in London, this site offers lectures, events, audio and video that enhances their offerings in various subjects.

This popular open courseware site provides lectures, learning modules and more on a wide range of subjects.Faculties Together with the Very Best Free Online Programs.

Free On-line programs are provided by schools that are real. Learn that classes are all obtainable, what matters that they pay and also that ones contribute to authentic faculty credit score.

David Wiley. Dr. David Wiley is Chief Academic Officer of Lumen Learning, an organization dedicated to increasing student success, reinvigorating pedagogy, and improving the affordability of education through the adoption of open educational resources by schools, community and state colleges, and ashio-midori.com is also .

Utah State University is often listed as one of the innovators of OpenCourseWare, alongside universities such as MIT, Stanford, Carnegie Mellon and Notre Dame.

MIT was the first to put up all of its courses online, but it was an expensive process. All education is self-education. Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn.

'Power of Positive Parenting' combines video, audio and written material into a comprehensive overview of affirmative parenting skills. Utah State University (USU) offers the OpenCourseWare free for parents and undergraduate Family Studies students, in conjunction with USU's Cooperative Extension Agency.

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