Us policy toward political islam essay

Comments The perceived growth of radical Islamic movements throughout the Middle East and beyond has not only caused major political upheaval in the countries directly affected but has placed political Islam at the forefront of concerns voiced by U. One unfortunate aspect of this newfound attention has been the way it has strengthened ugly stereotypes of Muslims already prevalent in the West. This occurs despite the existence of moderate Islamic segments and secular movements that are at least as influential as radicals in the political life of Islamic countries.

Us policy toward political islam essay

Instead, a new series of problems was created, like ethnic conflicts, weapons proliferation, environmental problems, population growth, drug trafficking, and terrorism. Most of the Islamic world view the West, especially the United States, as the foremost corrupting influence on the Islamic world today.

However, Muslims do not view their actions as acts of terrorism, but self defense and their religious duty. The Islamic radical movements main success or failure has been their ability to gain legitimacy from the general public or from the greater part of it in each Muslim country.

In order to accomplish these goals, these Islamic radicals have mainly used terrorism as their main instrument of persuasion. The biggest and most active terrorist organizations are those which are state funded. These organizations act as both an overt and covert way of spreading the sponsor countries ideologies.

Secretary of State has designated seven governments as state sponsors of terrorism: An example occurred in Januarywhen Iranian agents tried to attack the Baghdad headquarters of Mujahedin-e Khalq using a supermortar.

Despite sanctions and foreign political pressure, Iran continues to provide support in the form of training, money, and weapons to a variety of terrorist groups, such as Hizballah, HAMAS, and the PIJ.

The Sudanese Government supports terrorists by providing paramilitary training, indoctrinization, money, travel documents, safe passage, and refuge.

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They also condone many of the objectionable activities of Iran, such as funneling assistance to terrorist and radical Islamic groups operating in and transiting through Sudan. First, terrorism is an inexpensive alternative to fighting a war, while still spreading their ideology and advancing their political agenda.

However, defending against terrorism is very expensive; the United States spends approximately five billion dollars annually to guard against terrorism. Even though terrorism kills relatively few people, the random nature by which innocent civilian are killed evokes a deep fear and insecurity upon the population.

Publicity is another benefit of terrorism. By involving acts which are designed to attract maximum publicity, terrorism can bring the smallest group to the forefront of attention. By secretly funding terrorist organization, the patron state avoids the possibility of defeat and does not appear to be the aggressor.

Modern technology has now made terrorism an efficient, convenient, and general discrete weapon for attacking state interests in the international realm.

Furthermore, terrorism causes fear, unrest and hysteria among civilians of target countries which is the ideal setting to launch propaganda. Through propaganda patron states are able to organize revolts, coups, and even civil war.

Throughout history terrorism has only been successful in prolonging conflicts, as in Ireland. However, technology is constantly changing the nature of life-threatening hostilities by delivering more sophisticated devices that cause greater damage.Despite that, the political Islam phenomena has appeared and seemed that politics and religion cannot be separated in the Sharia and Islam and should be functioned by force, if applicable, in the entire state’s aspects such as economic, social, etc… Furthermore, the Quran is deliberated to be the structure of this phenomenon with the slogan of ‘Islam is .

Public Opinion Research in Arab and Muslim Countries

Political Islam is playing a major rule now in the current political scene; so it is important to analyze how it rose in Egypt and how it has been shaped over the years. The political Islam is mainly a set of ideologies that holds the belief that Islam can be a political ideology as much as it is a religion.

Rethinking Political Islam is the first project of its kind to systematically assess the post-Arab Spring evolution of mainstream Islamist groups across 12 country cases. The “twin shocks” of the Egyptian coup of July and the emergence of ISIS are challenging some of the basic assumptions of, and about, Islamist movements.

The conflict between the United States and political Islam in modern times dates back to at least , when the US embassy in Tehran was seized by Islamic revolutionaries and fifty-two Americans were held hostage for days.

Rethinking Political Islam is the first project of its kind to systematically assess the post-Arab Spring evolution of mainstream Islamist groups across 12 country cases.

Us policy toward political islam essay

The rise of Islamophobia in the United States and the consistently hostile discourse in the public sphere have started eroding the influence of political Islam on the culture and politics of American Muslims.

Arab and Muslim Political Attitudes: Stereotypes and Evidence from Survey Research