The process of adopting a pet

Adoption can be an intimidating thing! Welcome the Adoption Center! When you come in the door you can find pre-screened applications to the right of the door on the blue clipboards for dogs and cats, and pink clipboards for small animals. The SFAHS does not have open visitation, so to have access to the kennels you must be a pre-screened adopter or registered volunteer.

The process of adopting a pet

How do you successfully introduce a new cat into your household if you already have other pets? As cats can be territorial creatures, bringing a new kitty home to meet Fido or Fluffy can be a hair-raising experience for not only the owner but also the resident pets—if not handled correctly.

A peaceful relationship between new and existing feline or canine housemates requires time, patience and work. The introduction process generally takes a few weeks before the pets are all cohabitating peacefully.

At times, though, it can take several weeks. The trick is to do it slowly and cautiously…and follow the guidelines below. This smaller, confined area will help the new cat to feel safe and adjust more quickly to his new home.

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During the first week, the only interaction that your new cat and resident cats should have is playing paws under the door.

Most common is hissing, growling, hiding or fighting among resident pets. Your current cats may even act differently toward you by displaying aggression or ignoring you all together.

As they begin to acclimate to each other, the cats will feel less threatened and, with time, the negative behavior should dissipate. Always introduce a new cat to the resident cats before introducing him to the resident dog s. In most cases, the cat to cat introductions will be more harried, with the cat to dog introductions being somewhat easier.

Introducing Cats The new cat and resident cats should have no face-to-face interaction for the first week. This will allow the new cat time to get comfortable with his new environment and family. The stress of a new environment can cause a cat to show signs of an upper respiratory infection watch for sneezing, eye or nose discharge or diarrhea.

Watch to make sure that the new cat is eating well, drinking and using the litter box.

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In almost every case, a cat that does not use his litter box is suffering from a medical condition. Any instance of inappropriate elimination outside of the litter box should be followed up with a visit to the vet.

After keeping the new cat in a room of his own for the first week, start introducing the smells of each cat to the other.

The process of adopting a pet

You can do this by brushing all of the cats with the same brush to get their scents on each other. Also, try feeding them each a special treat on either side of the door. Doing so will help each cat to associate the smell of the other cat with the positive experience of eating the treat usually wet food works best.

If the interaction seems as though it could lead to aggression, you will need to do this controlled introduction using the carrier a few more times before removing the barriers and allowing the cats to meet face-to-face.

If the cats all appear to be curious or simply wary with no outward signs of aggression, then you can open the carrier door and let the new cat walk out into the territory of the resident cats.

Do not rush this process. It is very important to the long term harmony of their relationship that the introduction process proceed at a pace comfortable for each of the cats. Monitor all interactions closely during the first weeks. Do not leave the cats alone unsupervised until you are comfortable that there will not be aggressive behavior displayed by any of the cats.

The room chosen must have a door and should be in a quiet part of the house. You will need to provide access to food, water, litter box, and scratching post at all times see first bullet point above for more details.

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If you have cats as well as dogs in your home, the cats should have already been successfully introduced to the newcomer before initiating introduction of the new cat to your dogs.

There should be no face-to-face interactions between the new cat and resident dog for the first week.Interested in adopting a pet through the Humane Society of CT? Learn about how our process works. You can now Click Here. to adopt a pet without having to register first..

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Anyone who adopts a new pet from Animal Care and Control must follow our Adoption Policy. Four rules must be . If you have found a lost pet or need to find a home for a friend, we can help. is a fun website where you can adopt free virtual pets such a dogs, cats, horses, turtles, monkeys, snakes, and fish, and then take care of them online.

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