The importance of learning to develop the necessary skills to play the flute

The student is too busy with other activities. The student hates practicing or the parents grow weary of begging the child to practice.

The importance of learning to develop the necessary skills to play the flute

Not only is playing a popular and fun activity, but it also has substantial medical benefits. Children learn to breathe regularly and to increase their lung capacity.

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But what are the other positive aspects of this hobby? Children who learn to play also develop basic music skills, and learn to use a variety of rhythmic instruments, from wooden sticks to triangles.

The rhythmic exercises, which form an integral of the lessons, teach children to divide words into syllables, which is very important later in reading and writing. After the crisis in Czech schools, the need for mastering syllables and hyphenation is apparent.

When children play, they also train their memory. During playing, they must focus on how to play individual notes and remember subsequent melodies and patterns.

Children learn tones by their names, with the initial letter as the title notes C - For Cecilka, etc. Another important skill is to master hand-eye coordination.

Children must check if their fingers are properly positioned and learn to carefully cover the holes of the flute. It is also difficult for them initially to raise or put down just one particular finger, but after a few finger exercises, they eventually master it, and are proud to show their parents during summer and Christmas parties.

Playing the flute is a very beneficial hobby and it is very rewarding for the teacher when the children proudly demonstrate what they can do.It is the policy of Cecil College not to discriminate against any individual by reason of race, color, sex, marital status, citizenship, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability (which can be reasonably accommodated without undue hardship) in the admission and treatment of students, educational programs and activities, .

FLUTE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Revision Date - October 11, This FAQ list was originally created by David Dahl with content provided by subscribers to the FLUTE . Nov 08,  · Learning to play the flute is sometimes can be difficult.

The importance of learning to develop the necessary skills to play the flute

But having the ability does not stop by just acquiring mastery in it, but also can develop other skills. You can gain responsibility, knowing how to manage time and your things, and how to celebrate special achievements.


Developing a "work ethic" while studying an instrument is one of the most important aspects of becoming a musician. Learning to concentrate, to focus, to stand up and perform lead to developing the life skills that are necessary for success in many diverse areas.

When you give your child educational toys and play with them with her, it gives her a chance to bond with you, learn, and have fun at the same time. And making education enjoyable will help your child retain the things she learns and develop a positive attitude toward learning. I am not talking about going out and getting private lessons.

If schools have appropriate funding, students in need will always have a chance to play an instrument at .

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