Terrorists how different are they essay

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Terrorists how different are they essay

Banana republic The Malayan economy relied on the export of tin and rubberand was therefore vulnerable to any shifts in the world market. When the British took control of the Malayan economy, they imposed taxes on some Malayan goods, affecting their traditional industries.

This led to an increase in poverty for the Malayan people. This forced many Malays into the rubber industry, which in turn was heavily dependent upon volatile world prices. The Japanese occupation of Malaya began in and from that point onwards the "export of primary products was limited to the relatively small amounts required for the Japanese economy.

The latter was progressively affected by a shortage of spare parts for machines. The Malayan Communist Party began to use the failing economy as a tool of propaganda against the British.

The British had not addressed the underlying economic problems that were now worse within Malaya than they had ever been. One example of this was a hour general strike organised by the MCP on 29 January Protesters were dealt with harshly, by measures including arrests and deportations.

In turn, protesters became increasingly militant. Inalone, the communists in Malaya organised a further strikes. This was rejected by many Malays and by the rulers of the various protected states under effective British control.

Consequently, the British withdrew the proposal and for many Chinese in particular this appeared as a betrayal after their community had borne the brunt of fighting the Japanese occupation.

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First incidents[ edit ] The first shots of the Malayan Emergency were fired at 8: Three European plantation managers, Arthur Walker 50 yrs, managerJohn Allison 55 yrs, manager and his young assistant, Ian Christian were killed by three young Chinese men.

The planned execution was to include a third Briton in an estate a few miles out of Sungai Siput. His jeep had broken down during the morning inspection, and he was late returning to the office. Another group of gunmen had been sent to kill him.

They could not wait, and departed.

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The police were given the power to detain communists and those suspected of assisting them. The MNLA began a guerrilla campaign, targeting mainly the colonial resource extraction industries; the tin mines and rubber plantations.

They attacked and occupied Gua Musang. Members who agreed to disband were offered economic incentives. Around 4, members rejected these incentives and went underground. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. These Chinese have been referred to as 'squatters', and the majority of them were farmers living on the edge of the jungles where the MNLA were based.

This allowed the MNLA to supply themselves with food, in particular, as well as providing a source of new recruits. The MNLA gained the support of the Chinese because they were denied the equal right to vote in elections, had no land rights to speak of, and were usually very poor.

It had a network of contacts within the general population. Besides supplying material, especially food, it was also important to the MNLA as a source of intelligence. The MNLA's camps and hideouts were in the rather inaccessible tropical jungle with limited infrastructure.

Terrorists how different are they essay

The MNLA was organised into regiments, although these had no fixed establishments and each encompassed all forces operating in a particular region. The regiments had political sections, commissarsinstructors and secret service.

In the camps, the soldiers attended lectures on Marxism—Leninismand produced political newsletters to be distributed to civilians.

The MNLA also stipulated that their soldiers needed official permission for any romantic involvement with civilian women. In the early stages of the conflict, the guerrillas envisaged establishing control in "liberated areas" from which the government forces had been driven, but did not succeed in this.

British response[ edit ] Workers on a rubber plantation in Malaya travel to work under the protection of Special Constableswhose function was to guard them throughout the working day against attack by communist forces, In the early months, chaos and lack of direction immobilized the government.

On the military front, the security forces did not know how to fight an enemy moving freely in the jungle and enjoying support from the Chinese rural population.

British planters and miners, who bore the brunt of the communist attacks, began to talk about government incompetence and being betrayed by Whitehall. The central tenet of the Briggs' Plan was that the best way to defeat an insurgency, such as the government was facing, was to cut the insurgents off from their supporters amongst the population.

The Briggs plan also recognised the inhospitable nature of the Malayan jungle.The ideology of the different terrorists groups may differ from religion, politics, animals, the planet, to many different reasons.

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However they use fear to accomplish a goal. Many different law enforcement organizations have different definitions of terrorism, but they all describe using terror/fear, usually against non-combatants, in order to.

The goal of this ideology is to find out how they feel the society should work or be arranged, and the methods that will efficiently promote this idea.2 Terrorists are constantly developing ways to get their point across to different nations.

Try Our Friends At: The Essay Store. Free English School Essays. We have lots of essays in our essay database, so please check back here frequently to see the newest additions. You never know when or where a terrorist organization is going to strike. All groups reasons are different, some for political or religious reasons, others for hatred.

Terrorism Essay. By Lauren Bradshaw. September 11, The first act of terrorism recorded in the US was in committed by Indians, when they massacred the people in. terrorists, this Essay will focus on speech about terrorists in the United States. More specifically, it will examine the depiction of terrorists through a critical race theory lens and through a propaganda lens.

Thousands of those Hell-hounds called Terrorists, whom they had shut up in Prison on their last Revolution, as the Satellites of Tyranny, are let loose on the people.(emphasis added) Other sources have defined the typology of terrorism in different ways, for example.

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