Steve jobs the non conformist essay

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Steve jobs the non conformist essay

Freedom Blog Post by Apolliaowner and administrator of Non Org Many millenials and others these days are criticized for not moving out and becoming debt slaves and wage slaves to barely support themselves, and are picked on for "failing to launch" and become "independent".

Similar to how "royalties" are probably usually just pittances - what is commonly called "independence" is usually not even close to real independence. I think as a society, we should be far kinder to and more respectful of our young people, and simply give them all the resources they need or want, debt-free, to thrive and to build a better future for everyone.

And the same for our older people! But I think this should all be accomplished through voluntary charity and voluntary fundraising - not taxation, nor any other ways of stealing people's money. Quite often, picking on someone for "failure to launch" amounts to picking on someone for being too rational to jump off a cliff just to follow a lot of conformist lemmings who succumbed to peer pressure or societal pressure, and were all too willing to take the plunge into probably lifelong debt slavery and wage slavery.

Or who were forced to be a lemming by their parents and society, which both failed to provide an adequate launchpad.

So, instead of "failure to launch", I think it's more like, "failure to be a lemming", or "failure to launch yourself off a financial cliff only to fall to your doom".

If your parents or other relatives or patrons give you the gift of being able to avoid joining the rat race or lemming race Steve jobs the non conformist essay most people lack the freedom to comfortably refuse to participate in - I think probably the most rational course of action is to accept it.

Unless the "gift" comes with intolerable strings attached - in which case it's more of an attempt at manipulation than a gift. Without as many bills to pay as someone "independent" but actually probably extremely dependent on having income - you have a chance to build up a large nest egg much sooner than someone who has to spend probably most of their income just to keep a roof over their head, and pay for transportation, food, and other basics.

It's not "failure to launch", it's "failure to lem" - and it's a good thing. Poverty spoils a lot more children than wealth ever did. Also, I think "privilege" is quite the wrong word for wealth, because I consider wealth something that everyone is entitled to - a human right.

However, I don't think that right entitles anyone to steal others' property. Here's an excellent essay or small book on the evils of income taxation. I don't totally agree with absolutely everything in it, but I think it makes a lot of good points: I'm sure my family would have had a much easier time surviving and thriving if we had been permitted to keep all our earnings, instead of being deprived of so much of our hard-earned money by taxes and other forms of oppression, such as the evil, corrupt so-called "child support" system.

Which is often more like bureaucrat support, or ex-wife support, rather than child support, and which harms and traumatizes children and their families in numerous ways, which you can read about here: I am totally against plundering or extorting anyone's honestly-earned wealth through taxation or any other form of coercion, even if it's done supposedly in the name of helping the poor.

Usually, it's really to help bureaucrats rather than the poor.

Steve jobs the non conformist essay

But even if it's done with the genuine intention of helping the poor, stealing is still wrong. However, one reason I don't consider the legendary Robin Hood a villain is because he meant well, and possibly none of his "stealing" was truly stealing.

I actually don't know if Robin Hood is said to have refrained from stealing from any innocent rich people who earned their money honestly and legitimately.

But, I think Robin Hood is best known for taking back what had been stolen from the poor by rich criminals. Not innocent rich people who stole nothing from the poor and did the poor no harm. And it doesn't seem accurate to call the recovery of stolen property, and returning it to its rightful owners, "stealing".

Some people seem to think taxes are like Robin Hood because taxes steal from the rich and supposedly give back to and help the poor - but, I definitely don't see taxes that way, because unlike Robin Hood, taxation punishes everyone without distinguishing between the guilty and the innocent.

In fact, taxation mostly punishes people too honest and law-abiding to engage in tax evasion - so taxation actually punishes virtue. However, having the spine to resist complying with evil laws is also virtuous, so I don't regard tax evaders as automatically bad people.

And taxation is also harder on the poor than the rich, because being deprived of any amount of money even the seemingly "small" percentages confiscated by sales taxes can easily reduce poor people's ability to buy groceries and other basics for themselves, their children, their elderly relatives, their pets, and any of their struggling other relatives or friends.


Many poor people are very kind and generous, and do a lot to help each other out. And sometimes poor people who almost start to rise out of poverty get dragged back into poverty because of helping the people around them. And much of the plunder extracted from so many honest hard-working people of every class whether rich, poor, or middle class gets wasted by bureaucrats, often on horrible things such as war.When it comes to essay writing, an in-depth research is a big deal.

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We deliver papers of different types: essays, theses, book reviews, case studies, etc. For this essay, you will research and write about one person who is/was considered a non-conformist by many in his/her field of interest.

Consider the possibility that the person deemed a non-conformist may not, in your opinion, actually BE a non-conformist. Except in the case of Switzerland - unless you think hundreds of thousands of Germans are creating third world exclaves. Switzerland is a remarkably poor case to talk about 'immigration' - first, the Swiss naturalize very few citizens.

Steve Jobs And How He Changed World?YourFirstName YourLastNameUniversity title Steve Jobs and How He Changed The WorldIntroductionSteve Jobs was an iconic leader and founder of Apple Incorporated until his early death in October, Jan 23,  · Happier Abroad Forum Community.

That is a good essay regarding why men should avoid marriage. Just look at the high divorce rate in the US, 50%, America has one of the highest divorce rates in the world! drink and have fun, even go to KTV and massage.

Why does marriage have to lead to an enslaving jobs. Ever see those guys on the side. Oct 05,  · Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are two very important men in the world of technology. Both men had the vision of what a computer and computer languages might be able to advance into.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates both worked/work for exceptionally important companies.

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