Six thinking hats method essay

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Six thinking hats method essay

Moreover, they must understand how to guide each of their thoughts in a neutral and unbiased manner with the primary intention of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the process. We will then conclude with a set of questions that can help you to think through your problems in rational ways.

A movie director manages actors, cameramen, shooting angles, props, and scripts that are critical for creating a successful blockbuster movie experience. In precisely the same way, a blue hat manages the thinking process — allowing for better synergy between the thought patterns and habits of the other thinking hats.

Here is a breakdown of the roles the blue hat typically plays: To think about thinking. To gather global perspectives about the problem and the solution. To manage the other thinking hats.

To manage the flow of ideas.

Six thinking hats method essay

To manage the implementation of ideas. The primary role of the blue hat is to think about the process of thinking. Every thought that it has is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the thinking process.

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This subsequently filters through to the other five hats. The smoother, faster, and more efficient the process, the higher the probability that a practical solution can be found. The blue hat must, however, clearly describe the problem in writing.

If it fails to define the problem clearly, then it will waste precious time directing its energies on irrelevant thoughts, activities, and tasks. It prefers to sit back and play the role of the court judge who oversees events from a global perspective.

It then uses these insights to decide on a suitable plan of action. Another role that the blue hat plays is that of a manager.

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In this role, the blue hat helps to improve the flow of communication between all the hats, thereby encouraging better insights and ideas that bring about ideal solutions to the problem at hand. The blue hat understands the importance of time and how critical it is for problem-solving.

With this in mind, the blue hat plays the role of the timekeeper. It allocates precise chunks of time to the other hats and to specific topics under discussion.

The blue hat is well aware that time should be spent wisely on areas that will bring about the highest returns on investment.

Six thinking hats method essay

The blue hat also manages the flow of ideas between the hats. It attempts to piece together all the scattered thoughts to help generate an ideal solution to the problem.

Each thinking hat has a unique set of ideas, approaches, and perspectives. The blue hat must constructively merge these unique thoughts, otherwise, the thought process will stumble and stagnate in the face of adversity. Unique and creative ideas are, of course, wonderful. However, unless we find a means of integrating them into our physical reality, then we will, unfortunately, fail to grasp the opportunities they present us with.

The Objectives of the Blue Hat Throughout the problem-solving process, the blue hat has a set of predefined objectives that it seeks to accomplish.

This subsequently leads to a more efficient and effective process of thinking that brings to light a greater array of solutions and opportunities. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the thinking process. Formulating suitable questions to help direct thinking.


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1. Explain how the Six Hat method of thinking is different from “Argument”. Also, explain how it helps organizations to 1) explore a subject, 2) make.

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