Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana research paper

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Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana research paper

When you weigh the pros and cons of consuming marijuana, it seems confusing that the drug would sit alongside some of the others in that DEA list. The most controversial point about medical marijuana—like many other medicinal substances out there—is that it has its uses.

In theory, you can abuse anything, including alcohol, prescription medicine and even marijuana. What can happen when you consume marijuana?

Legalizing marijuana research paper introduction

When you start discussing the health problems associated with marijuana, a great deal of them have to do with the smoking aspect. Aside from lung cancer, smoking has the possibility of generating many pulmonary diseases.

Cigarettes and cigars, for instance, have the same effect. When you smoke marijuana, the compounds may reach their peak within minutes. Alternatively, the effects may last up to an hour or more, depending on potency. When ingested, however, marijuana can take several hours to reach peak levels and the intoxication effects last just as long as if they had been smoked.

Whether you smoke marijuana or directly ingest it, it leads to the THC and other cannabinoids directly interacting with two different types of receptor cells within the brain and body. The CB1 receptor controls body movements, memory and even balance, so smoking marijuana can affect your short-term memory and coordination.

The CB2 receptor, on the other hand, has more to do with your immune system. This includes how marijuana affects your spleen and lymph nodes. One of the most common uses for marijuana is to suppress these parts of the body, diseased or otherwise.

This butter is then used to bake a wide variety of foods, including cakes, brownies and more. If that happens, eating too much can cause severe vomiting, dizziness and even loss of consciousness.

Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana research paper

When transferred to oil form, which allows marijuana to be used with a vaporizer, the extraction process is dangerous. Extraction requires the use of flammable gases like butane, so the process can put those involved, and anyone nearby, in danger.


In addition, it has been documented that cannabis can cause serious paranoia and mental instability. It can even bring existing problems to the surface. These side effects can be short term, but there have also been claims that symptoms persist in some people.

Other issues that may arise from chronic consumption of marijuana include decreased energy levels and sex drive, personality changes, memory impairment, neuropsychological decline, and more.

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With all of these potential issues, it begs the question: The answer lies in the alleviation of pain relating to particular areas of the body. Pros of medical marijuana There are many health benefits of smoking or ingesting marijuana.

Of course, ingesting is more beneficial as patients or those involved are not also taking in smoke and tars—which usually come from smoking any kind of tobacco or drugs. Marijuana can relieve many types of chronic pain, nausea and vomiting from any number of ailments.

Those suffering from illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS—or even the harsh drugs sometimes used to treat these problems—may benefit from consuming marijuana. For example, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments may feel better and be more inclined to eat solid foods as the THC in marijuana balances out their system.

Legalizing Marijuana: Pros and Cons Research Paper

Those suffering from severe personality disorders such as ADHD, ADD, social anxiety and many others even claim to feel better after ingesting or smoking marijuana. This is especially interesting, considering the drug has been known to cause mental instability in others.Feb 25,  · Experts said the legalization of recreational cannabis could increase tax revenue and facilitate discussion between patients and doctors about marijuana use.

Pros & Cons of Legalization of Marijuana Essay; Pros & Cons of Legalization of Marijuana Essay. Words 7 Pages. Research Essay on Legalization of Marijuana. Legalizing marijuana would bring great advances in medical opportunities, our government, and our country as a whole.

Feb 13,  · Legalizing marijuana, not unlike decriminalizing, is wrought with both pros and cons. Both sides have equally convincing arguments as to why it should or should not be done. Outlined below are the most common arguments for both sides for legalizing Resolved.

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Pros and cons of legalizing marijuana research paper

Hearst pulled a list of cannabis script writing help of legalizing marijuana. Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana (Research Paper Sample) Instructions: • Outline of paper: o Title o Introduction o Literature Review o Analysis o Conclusion • Details of each section: o Literature Review – summary of 3 scholarly sources.

In this paper, we will look at the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana the financial impact as well as the effects it would have on industry. We will also look at social impact caused by legalizing marijuana can it be socially acceptable.

The Pros And Cons About Legalizing Marijuana Essay