News writing about teachers day in india

One of those arrested and jailed was a teenager who longed to express himself freely - and paid a high price.

News writing about teachers day in india

September 05, April 04, The problem is mainly caused by poor posture and unnatural extension of the arms and neck while at school. When writing high up on the board, they often crane their necks, and crouch down to write on the bottom of the board.

Teachers' Day special: India's most famous teachers - Rediff Getahead

Posture correction Ashok S. Gavaskar, consultant orthopaedic surgeon, says many of these problems can be avoided with some posture correction. Doctors also advise developing core strength, isometric neck exercises and shoulder exercises. The stress of making a transplant work Recently, transplant surgeons and coordinators observed World Organ Donation Day, a day to raise awareness of organ donation and to honour the families of those who have donated their organs.

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Tamil Nadu is one of the best-performing States in the country when it comes to cadaver organ donations and transplants, procedures that gain a lot of media attention. The media have played an important role in creating awareness of the importance of organ donation and have had a huge positive impact, say doctors.

But does this hype also lead to greater amounts of stress for doctors and families when the surgeries fail or patients do not do well?


What the public should understand, says K. Cherian, chairman, Frontier Lifeline Hospital, is that transplants are only for patients with end-stage diseases, those who likely have less than six months to live. If the outcome of a transplant is bad, it creates a lot of stress, whether or not there is media attention, says K.

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Balakrishnan, director, cardiac sciences, Fortis Malar Hospital. But every procedure has a risk, and this is explained to the patient.

At the end of the day, says Dr.Daily News Article Archive. Each Daily News Article contains comprehension and critical thinking questions, found below the article.

In addition, we provide “Background” and “Resources” (including video clips, maps and links) below the questions to give students a better understanding of the news story.

news writing about teachers day in india

Find thousands of the best U.S. and world news sources by media type, subject or location - CNN, ABC News, the Weather Channel, The New York Times, BBC and more. “Teachers should make sure that they do not strain their necks, backs or shoulders. Maintaining the right posture through the day will make a difference,” he says.

Ground rules. The evolved 21 st century classroom is a productive environment in which students can develop the skills they will require in the workplace and teachers are facilitators of their learning.

The focus of a 21 st century classroom is on students experiencing the environment they will enter as modern day workers and developing their higher order .

news writing about teachers day in india

Article shared by Essay Introduction: The 15 th august is the most important day in the history of India. On this fortunate day our country became free after many centuries.

The British left India . Basunti is an idyllic private lakeside retreat in the foot hills of The Himalayas, situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in North India and surrounded by the waters of the Maharana Pratap Sagar.

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