Kyoto protocol thesis

Technical Experiments on Humans 6.

Kyoto protocol thesis

Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten List of Figures Figure 1: Global Temperature Trend Figure 2: Global abundances of key greenhouse gases in December Figure 3: Annual greenhouse gas emissions by sector Figure 4: Shares of global energy based CO2 emissions, Figure 5: Projected changes in global temperature Figure 6: Sea level rise due to global warming Figure 7: Percentage change of the 6 greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to The prize is precious- to bequeath to all our children a world as rich in life and opportunity as the one we inherited.

But time is short. Action is required now if we are to win the battle against climate change. Some small island states in the South Pacific are worried by the forecast increase of the sea level above their living space.

Again others see in the warming of the terrestrial atmosphere only one of the regularly returning climate variations and no reason for concern. Hence, it is even more astonishing that one has succeeded in spite of these opinion differences in bringing this discourse in Kyoto to a result and in negotiating a protocol, which supports the process.

The result of the discussion was in the Kyoto Protocol, which is to be seen till the present as a milestone in international climate policy. For a long time it was uncertain, whether it one day will come into effect - however, it has: The Kyoto Protocol obliged from the 16th February, after many years tough negotiations, more than 30 industrial states under international law to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Concerning this event, the following questions arise: What does it contain and how effective can it really be?


The present work looks at these questions. Firstly, the natural and the anthropogenic greenhouse effect and the following predictions should be shown as bases to make clear the necessity of active climate protection policy.

Afterwards the Kyoto Protocol is explained in its climate-political connections, contents and instruments and, in the end, benefits and critical points will be shown.

In my opinion, criticism is necessary to allow a comprising assessment of the protocol. Finally, it must be emphasized that with the given time a complete representation of such a complicated subject area will not be possible.

Kyoto protocol thesis

Therefore, I will explain the most important issues and give a general overview rather than go into details in order to treat the subject as the whole. The Sun is the principal driving force for climate.

Climate change may be due to both internal changes within climate system or external factors both natural and anthropogenic. Indeed, already in the Swedish chemist Arrhenius formulated a greenhouse hypothesis, which has accepted a connection between risen green gas emissions and global temperature changes Mittendorfp.

Kyoto protocol thesis

A rapid increase in the average temperature is one of the indicators for changes in climate. Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten Figure 1: Global Temperature Trend Source: The most important factor is atmosphere.Global Governance.

In this article, we shall examine the role and place of global governance in international relations, particularly within the context of globalization.

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