Karatbars international business presentation

Anything white, blue or black Always arrive on time or early if you are the guest. Do not discuss business at meals. Do not start to eat or drink prior to the host. As a cultural courtesy, you should taste all the dishes you are offered.

Karatbars international business presentation

There are many good reasons but here are my top ten: Why is this the number one reason? Karatbars are only six years into a ten year expansion plan but it is a solid plan by a solid company. Karatbars International have been delivering Common sense will tell you it is Companies like Mastercard do not work with companies unless their legal department is satisfied that everything is above board.

Karatbars have the best prices for 1gram, 2. We have been with the company a long time and even though we are sent many links every week, we are yet to find another company with better retail prices for the same quality of gold.

The market is enormous, everyone knows what gold is. Name one other product that every person in the world in every country over the age of five years knows??

No one questions gold or its value Your only challenge is explaining to people that they now can afford it and that Karatbars is a safe way to do it.

Our team system has been developed so you never ever have to sell Karatbars. You simply send prospects to it and if they are interested you give them your referral link to register and all the support and training they need can be found on there.

There are no links back to us. We have developed a squares to success plan which is attached. Even someone who has never sold a cup of coffee can follow it and be successful. You never have to worry about supporting customers or affiliates. We have a support office and years of experience in direct sales.

Right now we have over customers and affiliates and growing daily and we train new people per week. I do the work and you earn the commissions. Simply because Karatbars is not MLM. The 25 karat gold company will never happen. Work for 40 years to end up broke or work for 2 — 5 years with Karatbars, build a customer base and become very wealthy.

After some months we earn the same as a company CEO or Doctor per month. After having worked in direct sales and marketing for over fifteen years, I can honestly say this is the best product I have ever sold.

Karatbars is also a movement to make people realise that they are sleepwalking into a financial disaster. Countries around the world have stopped taking paper money as payment already, some countries are paying staff in gold, Donald Trump is doing property deals in gold.

The euro is collapsing, so is the dollar and by the time people realise it will be too late. People need to seriously start thinking outside their town and country and take a look at what is really going on.

Do a search on Youtube for dollar collapse and see what you get!


Changing at least some of your paper money into gold might be the best decision you ever make… and unless you know a gold dealer and have thousands to spend on ounces or kilos then Karatbars is your best option.

Karatbars is simply making gold bullion available to the masses in small affordable weights We think everyone should own some physical gold. Gold is the ultimate form of wealth insurance. It will preserve wealth during the next crisis, too. Gold is inherently an international asset because it is disconnected from any government and its value is universally recognized everywhere in the world.


Buying some is perhaps the easiest step you can take toward internationalizing your savings. The next step is to store your gold in a safe foreign jurisdiction.Karatbars International - Free Gold Savings Account - Home Find this Pin and more on Karat Group Of Miami by Marcel Simon.

Karatbars Part 4 In Conclusion What Are You Going To Do Part 4 of 4 The Complete Karatbnars Presentation - A short conclusion to tie it all together with some company history and a forward look. Karatbars International is a global e-commerce business operation in the mining and metals industry.

The e-commerce company was launched by Harald Seiz in and specializes in selling gold bars. The company distributes these gold bars through affiliate marketing efforts/5(13). Attended HKBU School of Business. Karatbars International - Affordable Gold by the Gram Affiliate.

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5 Steps To Building Success Fast With Karatbars International

Over million professionals are already on LinkedIn. Find who you know. First Name Last ashio-midori.com: Attended HKBU School of Business. Business English Communication Skills from University of Washington. This Specialization is designed to teach you to communicate effectively in English in professional contexts.

You will expand your English vocabulary, improve your ability to. Jan 08,  · Register free account at ashio-midori.com Learn "how to create" weekly cash and gold flow into a FREE Karatbars account, that you own, manage and con.

karatbars international business presentation

Gold in small units from Karatbars International. Prove how colorful and beautiful our world is. Country Karatbar.

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