Guardian blind date wedding

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Guardian blind date wedding

Will Stu and Sara ever dance the night away? Someone creative, slightly strange and sensitive. He felt very familiar and at peace with himself. What did you talk about? His research on Nijinsky and contemporary dance, and how he developed a passion for transmitting affection to others through cooking.

Is rotten cabbage date food? He was confident at pouring wine and attacking food with fingers. They are signs of being true to your feelings. Best thing about Stu? He completed a philosophy degree, something you can hear in the ways he talks.

Would you introduce him to your friends? Yes, I think he would impress them with tasty cooking. Describe Stu in three words Self-driven, sensitive, intuitive. What do you think he made of you?

A fussy, French wine connoisseur who lives a bohemian life. Did you go on somewhere? We walked along the South Bank and stared at the glittery Christmas lights.

Guardian blind date wedding

And… did you kiss? French people kiss to say goodbye, that is our custom. If you could change one thing about the evening, what would it be? I wish he had cooked and I had selected a bordeaux. Marks out of 10?Feb 09,  · Guardian Weekend's Blind Date couples: what happened next?

Subscribe to the Guardian HERE: Two couples who met through The Guardian W. It was our first Blind Date wedding. After three years and 11 months, and plus dates, we'd finally pulled it off. The Blind Date weddings: what happened next Two couples who married after meeting on a Blind Date for Guardian Weekend magazine tell their stories It was great at the wedding to be able to.

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So, nearly dates later, what can we glean from the experiences of the Guardian's Blind Daters? Avoid shellfish. Not one, not two, but three dates were derailed by bits of flying lobster, so it's best to play safe and avoid altogether.

The Guardian Weekend magazine has been running a blind date column for over a decade, and has led to two marriages and several relationships. The daters (who live all over the UK) enjoy dinner and drinks on the house, in exchange for spilling the beans on their date.

Fancy a blind date? Email [email protected] • This article was amended on 21 August to remove some personal information.

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