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There is a wonderful retrospective on Mrs. It captures the cultural relevance and central themes of Mrs. From the very beginning, I was intrigued by the tension of these qualities — that in the seemingly superficial, there could be hidden meaning and depth.

Fashion blog

Everything is basically on my Instagram, but out of habit or a need for tidiness, here's the latest I don't think I've ever been more scared to share anything but I'm Fashion blog glad I did. Also, here's a video we did in my apartment.

Ethan James Green took the all-Rodarte photos.

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K, see you in another 80 months! April 21, 20 Today I am I have a lot of trouble comprehending that writing Style Rookie led to writing for other places, then starting Rookiethen being able to audition for plays that I love and to be inside of them for long periods of time, which is an inexplicably wonderful way to live a life.

But I am really really really insanely thankful for all of it, and many of you have followed for a LONG time, and that means a lot. But that's a longterm hermit project.

I just wanted to mention it because in my attempt to briefly list recent stuff I've been up to, I may sound callous, but: None of this goes unexamined or unappreciated. Since my last update: Recent Editor's Letters for Rookie about stuff like: Shoutout to movies, love you movies!!!!

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Some brain-expanding interviews I have conducted— For Interview: Winona Ryderhigh priestess Fashion blog my DVD shelf. I also interviewed Olivia Bee for Studio She is crazy talented and has taken photos for Rookie since the very beginning, and now has a stunning book out with Aperture called Kids in Lovein which I wrote a thing or two two.

I got to be a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, Call Your Girlfriend. Here Fashion blog Jamie Lee Curtis ruining my life: And while we're at it, here's Ben ruining my life in The Crucible: Photo by Sloan Laurits.

I Feel Like a Woman" played on a loop inside my head. I was on the cover of a zine Rookie illustrator and world wonder Kati Yewell started, called Noisy Kids.

She interviewed me and took photos where I am swimming in my documented spirals I mean diaries. I was also on the cover of Polyester Zineinterviewed by the brilliant Ione Gamble and shot by Eleanor Hardwickwho I interviewed eons ago on this blog and who's also been at Rookie since day one.

I got to sing on the song "Barely Legal" from his new self-titled album, which is a huge treat all-around; here is a tiny clip of it. For the Pirelli Calendar, Annie Leibovitz chose to photograph women whose achievements demonstrate a different kind of beauty from what the calendar has traditionally showcased.

I'm still shocked to be included among so many people who've long influenced not just my work, but how I see the world, and try to see myself. Annie photographed me one year earlier in the pink velvet dress I'd originally bought for prom, in my parents' backyard.

At that time, it was still my backyard, too, and had functioned since I was a little kid as a personal photo studio, study, and consistent reminder that I was bigger than I had been the year before, and the year before that, and that this would only keep happening.

I'm still v short, but: It was where I learned that as your childhood shrinks around you, so will your sense of wonder, unless you choose to pay close attention to what surrounds you at new heights.

Fashion blog

A lot happens in that first year, and not knowing the geography of the city makes every encounter feel totally isolated from the rest of the world, like a castle on a cloud.

At the time of this shoot, I was parsing what in this year had seemed significant just because it was new, and then what was enriching. I was exhausted by the sheen, and desperate to develop a kind of discernment which would make me so healthy, so OK with myself, that genuine wonder would return--gravitation towards stuff that isn't just shiny, but illuminates the same sorts of truths I'd learned as a fan of Patti, Yoko, and other women who happen to be in this calendar, too.

I decided to cut my hair on the shoot, rid myself of any excess. Annie made me feel completely comfortable, like I was the same person as the year before, but indeed older.

Again, still very physically short. My foot is peeking out of that shoe. They are strongest as a group, but I wanted to share what mine means to me and thank you for following what I do in such a way that has allowed for this to happen.

I talked about that here. Photo by roseolm of thecruciblebroadway opening night bow. I am so proud of and moved by everyone in this show, night after night, and thrilled for any audience member who gets to see what they've all brought to characters I thought I knew well enough from English class.

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