Essay films instrument social reform

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Essay films instrument social reform

Gone are the days when a pure-bricks business model will thrive well in current market scenario. It is practically impossible to design a marketing strategy without considering social networks.

Adapting some form of marketing online through social media is a key node for all businesses, especially in an industry where trends constantly change such as fashion and Essay films instrument social reform. The paper carries out empirical research to understand the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool and an effort has been made to analyze the extent social media helps consumers in buying decision making.

In addition strategies have been suggested for maximizing the effectiveness. Various statistical tests have been applied to support the research hypothesis. The introduction of personal computers, the Internet, and e-commerce have had a tremendous impact on how businesses operate and market.

The introduction of social media technology is accelerating and we can expect it to have a similar impact on businesses now and into the future. As new technologies became available, businesses that learn to use new technologies gain great benefits.

Essay films instrument social reform

Some of the best-known examples include technology-driven companies such as Microsoft, eBay, Amazon and Google. In a short span of time, social media has become one of the most loved mediums for the Essay films instrument social reform youths today.

Social Media Marketing is the hottest new marketing concept and every business owner wants to know how social media can generate value for their business. People are social by nature and collect or share information that is important to them. More and more of your customers, whether for personal use, business-to-consumer or business-to-business reasons use social media in every aspect of their daily life.

There is a common misconception that social media and social networking sites SNS are two synonymous terms. Social media are tools for sharing and discussing information. It can be described as a kind of online media which encourages every member for feedback and contribution.

It is a social instrument of two way communication facilitating the sharing of information between users within a defined network via web 2. It involves online activities in which the user contributes to content creation.

This media encourages user involvement which can be as simple as posting comments or giving votes or as complex as recommending content to other user on the basis of preferences of people with similar interests and lifestyle.

Thus social media can be described as a broad term inclusive of activities where people create content, share it, bookmark it and network at a phenomenal rate. On the other hand social networking sites are a place where in one forms communities of interest to connect to others.

Social networking sites utilize social media technology to connect with people and build relationships. It can be thus concluded that social networking sites are a form of social media.

The increasing dependence on technology for basic communication highlights the importance of analyzing how these networking sites are affecting daily processes. Anyone including teens and young adults, women, men, affluent consumers, and older individuals can join a social network site.

Sites like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn are influencing the way users establish, maintain and cultivate a range of social relationships, from close friendships to casual acquaintances. Consumers today want to be more informed about products before they make the purchase.

Most importantly, social networks are extremely capable of informing and influencing purchase decisions, as many users now trust their peer opinions more than the marketing strategists. Customers now have the power to talk back at the brand and broadcast their opinions of the brand.

Education for Social Change: From Theory to Practice

Therefore, marketers have no choice but to treat them differently and with greater respect. Scope of the Study The scope of the study has been limited to social media marketing only. A questionnaire has been designed, to know the point of view of respondent regarding the extent of social media that helps consumers in buying decision making.

First part of the questionnaire contains information regarding demographics and usage pattern of social media of the respondent. Second part has series of close-ended indirect questions which are based on impact of social media in making consumer buy a product and expectation from such media.

The survey was conducted online through social networking sites and responses of social networkers were collected. The instrument questionnaire was put over Google docs and the link was sent to users to fill the instrument through various social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hi5, Bebo etc.

The respondents and other people on different social networking sites were also requested to post the link from their profile. So the sampling technique used was non-probability convenience sampling. We used regression analysis for testing of hypothesis.

For visual representation of finding and results bar charts, pie charts and tables etc. Orkut and twitter have got the second and third positions respectively. The search factor personal Research plays an important role, thus it is crucial for brands to be found if consumers search for them.

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Essay films instrument social reform

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