Essay about mamallapuram

Auf die verschiedenen christlichen Konfessionen entfallen 6 Prozent. Das Christentum soll bereits von Apostel Thomasder angeblich um 70 n. Der Islam wurde schon im 9. So ist neben der unter den indischen Muslimen vorherrschenden hanafitischen Rechtsschule auch die schafiitische verbreitet.

Essay about mamallapuram

These writers made lot of exaggerations to please their patron kings. Everything was written on soft materials like birch bark, palm leaf, paper etc. Since the old manuscripts become fragile in course of time, they had to Essay about mamallapuram manually copied.

But At the time of copying, some errors tend to creep in or sometimes even additions are made. Many of them religious in nature- while they give some idea on prevailing social conditions but hard to put it in context of time and place.

Sangam Literature earliest Tamil text Kings and chiefs patronized poets. These poets assembled in collages and compiled poems over a period of 3 to 4 centuries. Describes many kings and dynasties of South India.

This literature generally describes events upto the fourth century A. Total 30, lines of poetry arranged in eight Anthologies called Ettuttokai two main groups, Patinenkilkanakku 18 lower collections and the Pattupattu ten songs.

The former is older than the latter. Some kings and events are supported by inscriptions also. How is Sangam literature different from Vedic Literature?

Thus secular in nature. Poems written in praise of numerous heroes and heroines. They represent a heroic age of warriors and battles. Talk about military exploits in detail. Songs are not primitive, show high quality of grammar.

They talk about how Yavans came in their own vessels, purchased pepper with gold, supplied wine and women to Indian rulers.

The Famous Temple-Mahabalipuram Essay Sample

Thus, Sangam texts are not merely artistic poems, they also provide a source of social-economic-political life of people living in the Deltaic Tamilnadu in the early Christian centuries. Foreign Accounts Ambassadors were sent to Pataliputra by Greek kings.

Megasthenese, Deimachus and Dionysios. This helps as sheet-anchor in Ancient Indian Chronology. Megasthenese The Greek ambassador in the court of Chandragupta Maurya c. Megasthenese wrote extensively in a book called Indika which is no longer available to us.

Good These fragments of Indika, provide valuable information on Maurya Administration, social classes and economic activities. The existence of a list of kings whose reigns had covered a period of about years uptill then.

Bad Indika is not free from credulity and exaggerations. Megasthenese had little understanding of Indian society and social systems. For example, he mentions that Indian society comprised of seven castes jatis. Discrepancies because he did not know any Indian language, was not a part of Indian society and psyche.

He gives valuable information about the Indian coasts. Ptolemy wrote a geographical treatise on India in the second century A. Greek Limitations Most of the Greek writing about India are based on secondary sources resulting in numerous errors and, contradictions.

Except for Megasthenese all others have touched Indian history in the true sense very marginally. They were ignorant of the language and the customs of the country and their information is full of unbelievable facts and fancies. The works of Megasthenese and other Greeks of those who accompanied Alexander, have been lost and are available only in fragments as quoted in later works.

Chinese Travelers visited India from time to time- as Buddhist pilgrims and therefore their accounts are somewhat tilted towards Buddhism.Apr 01,  · Mahabalipuram, which is now known as as Mamallapuram, is about an hour's drive from Chennai (Tamil Nadu) and is a tourist town famed for its ancient sculptures and temples.

The monuments in the city were mostly built during the 7th - 9th century A.D. during the time of the Pallava dynasty.

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India is one of the most exotic. Tamil Nadu ist der südlichste Bundesstaat Indiens. Er nimmt den südlichen Zipfel der indischen Halbinsel ohne den Küstenstreifen im Westen ein.

Mamallapuram is a resort and tourist centre. In addition to the ancient monuments and temples, it has an extensive beachfront on the ocean, lined with resorts and tourist cabins.

The town is also home to a college offering instruction in architecture and temple sculpture.

Essay about mamallapuram

We visited Sri Rama Chandra Swamy Temple Ammapalli Village near Shamshabad and discovred an ancient temple more than years old.

A visit to Mamallapuram – a photo essay | A wide angle view of India