Epfl thesis 1617

There are two main challenges in delivering IoT systems. The first challenge is throughput.

Epfl thesis 1617

To develop and evaluate instrumentation and methods of analysis for characterizing mass and energy transport in soils at different scales. Project Methods We will use physical models and experimentation to elucidate the relationships among pore-scale physical properties and processes and microbial responses to their micro-habitats.

Of particular emphasis will be coupled diffusional processes, water configuration and habitat fragmentation, and the functions and impacts of extracellular polymeric substances on microbial communities and on soil properties.

Research Interests

We will investigate soil water use by invasive plants relative to native plant species, to evaluate the potential for changes in soil mass and energy transport with invasion of agricultural and wild lands.

We will continue efforts to develop improved measurement sensors and approaches, including those based on time domain reflectometry and related electromagnetic methods. New research aside from the cyber-infrastructure work that we have initiated and begun field instrumentation installation includes projects funded by NSF: The intersection of vegetation organization and watershed topology: This research could provide new insight into vegetation effects on watershed and Epfl thesis 1617 hydrology not interpretable from traditional paired catchment experiments and analyses.

Our second new project: Seeing the forest for the trees: Interpreting and quantifying emergent catchment hydrology behavior is focused on better quantifying and predicting riparian buffering potential of upland runoff across landscapes Epfl thesis 1617 implementing new parsimonious watershed model structures that while simple and containing few easily observable parameters, can be evaluated on more information that just catchment outlet runoff.

Quantifying spatial and temporal solar radiation potential across Montana is progressing well as we continue to analyze and perform temporal and spatial statistical analyses on all recorded solar radiation measurements available in Montana and the nearby areas as we work toward products that will quantify the probability reliability of solar power generation across space and time for the state of Montana.

We have also completed first field seasons for two new projects in Montana including: Human subsidization of aquatic food webs, Big Sky Montana where we are investigating the impacts and detectability of human-derived nitrogen in aquatic mountain ecosystems and a Montana Natural Resource Damage Program funded project focused on Stream Restoration Functional Assessment where we are developing new tools and analyses to evaluate and help improve stream restoration through functional assessment of stream processes.

For additional information, please see our web page: Not relevant to this project. Impacts Our findings, results, techniques, and other data, knowledge, and methods-based products were disseminated via publications, presentations, and web based media to a wide variety of audiences across the world and across a wide range of focal areas.

In addition, we have developed new tools for topographic analysis in geographic information systems and news ways to use and analyze high-resolution airborne laser swath mapping derived 1m topography and vegetation data. Our education efforts both in the classroom and in presentation to the general public, management, and scientific audiences has been augmented via the MOCHA education effort where we have developed and framework and examples for an evolving modular curriculum in hydrology education to help provide a base level of materials for education at the university level.

Our research and publication on landscape hydrologic connectivity and distributed assessment of riparian buffering potential has provided new insight into how watersheds function and how we might better target watershed management efforts to protect and promote water quality.

Supplementary files

We are actively working to improve dissemination of our work and implementation in planning and management of water and related land resources. Student training at the graduate level has resulted in placement of three recent graduates; two in the US Forest Service as hydrologists and one as a university professor in natural resources.

Variable flushing mechanisms and landscape structure control stream DOC export during snowmelt in a set of nested catchments. Hyporheic exchange flows and diel fluctuations in discharge during baseflow recession.

Longitudinal distribution of channel water balance through summer discharge recession in a Rocky Mountain headwater stream, Montana, USA.Background fatigue theory 29 EPFL Thesis stress concentrators fatigue crack concentrated ∆σ 0 stress field nominal stress field crack initiator (hole) Figure Stress concentrators.

The influence of the stress concentrators on fatigue behavior can be characterized by the linear-elastic stress field generated around the stress concentrator.

Structural Dynamics Optimization Based on a Hybrid Inverse Synthesis Method Using a Quadratic Approximation. Alain Schorderet and Thomas Gmür, Mem. ASME A., , “Synthèse modale et problème inverse en dynamique des structures,” Ph.D. Thesis , Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne.

APPENDIX Rejected ECOTOX Bibliography for Chlorpyrifos Papers that Were Excluded from ECOTOX (based on ECOTOX runs conducted in , , .

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professorship American Academy of Arts and Sciences Fellow California Academy of Sciences Fellow Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) top speaker (30th Anniversary, Vancouver, Canada). Background fatigue theory 29 EPFL Thesis stress concentrators fatigue crack concentrated ∆σ 0 stress field nominal stress field crack initiator (hole) Figure Stress concentrators. The influence of the stress concentrators on fatigue behavior can be characterized by the linear-elastic stress field generated around the stress concentrator. There is currently both considerable interest in the physics of ELM transport in the scrape-off layer (SOL) and concern over the impact of the ELM power and particle .

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Epfl thesis 1617

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Epfl thesis 1617

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