Edee 212 final

Creating opportunities for consumers and businesses 2. Enabling the balanced development of the collaborative economy 2.

Edee 212 final

Recap and Conclusions Introduction I would like to thank Barry Bickmore for engaging in this debate in such a charitable manner. His approach has been scholarly and at the same time friendly.

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I sincerely appreciate his patience in granting as much time as I needed to complete each of the rounds, and especially my closing statement. My only regret in this entire debate is that we did not limit the number of words for each round of statements. Barry is obviously a prolific writer and researcher, although I must admit that some of what he has written is completely lost on me.

I do try to understand what Barry is attempting to say, but some of his arguments simply don't make sense to me from a logical point of view. In this closing statement I hope to be able to respond to some of the specific arguments presented by Barry in his previous statements.

I will also address Edee 212 final of the comments brought up in his last statement and then summarize my position with regards to the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Hopefully I will be able to adequately cover everything in my closing statement in a straightforward, easily understood manner.

If that is not the case I would welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions from readers so that I might clarify the Catholic Church teachings and beliefs presented here. Please feel free to contact me at stevec transporter.

It has caused me to do more in-depth research and to consider the various arguments presented by all sides Mormon, Catholic, Protestant, and non-Christian.

Edee 212 final hope it has stirred the same level of interest for those who have taken the time to read our discussions. We must continue to study, pray, and dialogue together in charity in order to learn more about what we have in common with each other and what separates us.

In his previous statement Barry claims that I missed the point of his inclusion of Anglicans, Orthodox, and Monophysites under the "Catholic" umbrella.

And what was his point? He said he only intended to point out that these groups call themselves "Catholic" and claim to trace an unbroken episcopal succession back to the Apostles. The purpose of my "lengthy tangent" was to show that although these churches may call themselves "Catholic", they along with the many thousands of Protestant churches have all cut themselves off from the one true Catholic Church through their refusal to accept the primacy and authority of the successor to Peter.

It is absolutely essential that we have a solid understanding of what constitutes the one true Church. Jesus founded His Church to be a visible light on a mountain to proclaim His teachings with authority down through the centuries.

The primary purpose of the Church is to teach mankind the truths which Jesus taught, the truths necessary for salvation. If we follow the wrong church we run the risk of never knowing the fullness of truth.

As I said in my rebuttal to Barry's opening statement, the Nicene Creed designates four marks; one, holy, catholic universaland apostolic; which identify the true Church of Jesus Christ. I would challenge everyone to use these same four marks to evaluate any other church, and see if it meets the criteria established by the Council of Nicaea in A.

Barry accused me of evading the issues in my rebuttal. He cites as an example my assertion that the office of Apostle was only a temporary provision.

I made this point because having twelve living Apostles at all times is not a necessary requirement of the true church as Barry claims.

Edee 212 final

The Apostles and the first disciples of Christ are the chief witnesses in the early Christian community. It was their calling to give testimony that they personally knew Our Lord and that they could bear witness to His resurrection. When John died at an old age he was the last of the Twelve Apostles.

From then on the successors to the Apostles bishops would take great care to trace their authority back to one of the Apostles in order to establish their credibility.

They taught what they had heard from the Apostles or what they had learned from the closest disciples of the Apostles, like Mark. In such fashion was the Gospel handed down.

I quoted Acts 1: This whole episode was being played out in the upper room prior to Pentecost in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies Psalms Peter stood up among the brethren about a hundred and twenty people, including the Apostles, the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and the other brethren to chose a successor to Judas.

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From all of these people only two were identified as meeting the requirements. Barry states, "the scripture never says that these were to be general requirements for all future Apostles - only that these were the guidelines they chose to use when selecting a replacement for Judas. What scripture does tell us is that the main purpose of being numbered as one of the twelve was to be a witness of Jesus' resurrection from the dead.

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