Earthquake resistant bridges

How can existing buildings be strengthened to resist earthquakes?

Earthquake resistant bridges

Damage[ edit ] Compton High school The major damage occurred in the densely-populated city of Long Beach on the south-facing coast of Los Angeles County.

However, the damage was also found to have extended to the industrial area south of downtown Los Angeles. The magnitude of the earthquake is considered to be medium but a significant amount of damage was left due to unfavorable geological conditions landfill, water-soaked alluvium combined with poorly constructed buildings.

In Long Beach, buildings collapsed, water tanks fell through roofs, and houses were tossed off their foundations. School buildings were among the structures that incurred the most severe damage. Many school buildings were damaged, with more than school buildings that either were destroyed, suffered major damage, or were judged unsafe to occupy.

The California State Legislature passed the Field Act on April 10,mandating that school buildings must be earthquake-resistant. If the earthquake had occurred during school hours, the death toll would have been much higher.

Earthquake resistant bridges

The government created The Reconstruction Finance Corporation, providing loans for the reconstruction of buildings that were affected during the natural disaster. The Bureau of Public Roads also took action to rebuild roads, highways, and bridges.

This directly helped Long Beach repair and stabilize the economy after the disaster. During the disruption caused by the quake, the hero, Monroe Stahr, meets Kathleen Moore, with whom he falls in love.This paper investigates types of dampers and their performance during earthquake.

Also, they have investigated the tall buildings in the world and satisfactory level of damper performance has been studied. How can we make buildings resistant to earthquakes with earthquake engineering? To be earthquake proof, buildings, structures and their foundations need to be built to be resistant to sideways loads.

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The lighter the building is, the less the loads. This Behind the Scenes article was provided to LiveScience in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

Bridges are a main component of the transportation infrastructure as we know it today. The main objective of this report is to improve the profession’s understanding of the seismic behavior of low aspect ratio reinforced concrete shear walls by analyzing data from tests of 12 large scale wall specimens at the Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory at .


ALGERIAN EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT REGULATIONS «R P A 99/Version » CHAPTER I – GENERAL SCOPE The present technical regulations set the rules for the conception and the earthquake resistant. How can large bridges, with spans on the order of 1 km, be made resistant to earthquakes?

I'm no expert on quakes, but there are at least two kinds of shaking: lateral and vertical. The vertical s.

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