British raj the good the bad

February 19, by Mr 10 Comments The idea that British rule over India was a force for good is not uncommon in Britain and even in certain sections of westernised Indian elite.

British raj the good the bad

Contact Author The British ruled India for almost years. The battle of Plassey or Palassy was won by the East India Company in and the rule began which was ended in after Indian independence.

The rule was indirect through the company till great revolt. After that India was under the direct rule of the British crown.

British raj the good the bad

Now the question is was the British rule in India good or bad for India? I know this is a very controversial issue. Some will say the British raj was actually good and some will totally contradict. There are some stereotypical answers and myths — some which are true or partly true and some are baseless.

The harsh critiques of the raj always say that all the minimal development like vast rail lines or road networks, bridge and other infrastructures were built only to loot India. They will argue they have no good wish to improve India.

Off course, the British were here to gain. The British raj was a vast system of planned slow plundering of India of her wealth. There is no doubt about it. But the question is they have any good intentions or not were their Raj was good for India?

The Modernization of India and the Raj The modern age of India has come after the introduction of western education and culture was introduced by the British in India.

There was nothing philanthropic about it. But, despite of their selfish goals the western contact brought the modernization and enlightenment in India. An educated and conscious middle class was generated as a process. Who was and still is the driving force of modern India. British made Infrastructures in India The ancient stone aged communication system was modernized with the vast rail network.

The railways itself was a huge development in India. The people and business began to flow and the limitations of the area, state, race and cast began to fade away. The good roads, bridges etc was actually very beneficial to Indian populace.

Howrah Bridge - a great British made infrastructure in India. What would happen without the British? What would happen to India if the British could not conquer it? This is a question of speculations. It is very difficult to answer this question correctly.

Some will say that the industrialization and modernization would occur automatically even without the Britons. They will argue the British has actually destroyed our native industries and never let any native industry to rise and flourish.

It is too much probable that the modernization and industrialization would also inevitably come to India without the British. But most probably it would take more time.

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It is also can be doubted that how much modern the country would be, I think like nothing better than the Soudi Arabia or such countries.The British Raj in India How British Rule of India Came About—and How It Ended.

Share Flipboard Email Print After the Portuguese rounded the Cape of Good Hope on Africa's southern tip in , opening sea lanes to the Far East, the European powers strove to . At the still point of the turning world, it was clearly a mistake that I grew up learning only about the good effects the British Raj brought to India.

Seemingly, the authors of my then history books liked to harbor an illusion to young minds that the British weren’t all bad.

Mar 03,  · The British Raj unravelled quickly in the s, perhaps surprising after the empire in the east had so recently survived its greatest challenge in the shape of Japanese expansionism.

Jul 18,  · Was British Colonialism Good or Bad for India? Md Sadham What good things have British did to India Part 1 Drain of Wealth during Colonial India (British Raj) - .

May 30,  · Was British Rule good or Was British Raj good or was British rule was better than now or good british rule or ..(lol) What good things British have done to India or good things British . Jan 15,  · History: Was the British Raj good for India? or did it have any negative impacts?

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British raj the good the bad

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Are you sure you want to delete this answer? While foreign domination is thought of as bad for a peoples, the influx of new ideas often help lift a people out of doldrums.

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