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Journal of Environmental Psychology An International Multi-Disciplinary Journal The major focus of Behaviour Research and Therapy is an experimental psychopathology approach to understanding emotional and behavioral disorders and their prevention and treatment, using cognitive, behavioral, and psychophysiological including neural methods and models. Read more The major focus of Behaviour Research and Therapy is an experimental psychopathology approach to understanding emotional and behavioral disorders and their prevention and treatment, using cognitive, behavioral, and psychophysiological including neural methods and models. This includes laboratory-based experimental studies with healthy, at risk and subclinical individuals that inform clinical application as well as studies with clinically severe samples.

Behavioral paper

Behavioral Economics

This paper provides an overview and analysis of stress management philosophies and techniques, looking at both Western and Eastern approaches.

Specific stress management techniques, including breathing, relaxation exercises, meditation, massage, physical exercise, psychotherapy and medications are discussed. Behavior Therapy for Shyness. This paper outlines a behavior therapy program to help a shy and lonely person become more outgoing and comfortable around people.

The paper begins with an overview of the problem of shyness and the related social anxiety disorder, considering its prevalence, main symptoms, and consequences for the afflicted person. What Happened at Abu Ghraib?

A Social Psychology Perspective. This brief essay argues that U. Iraq prisoner abuse Zimbardo Stanford prison experiment power dynamics. Since the late s OxyContin, a prescription opioid painkiller, has emerged as a major drug of abuse. This paper provides an overview and analysis of OxyContin abuse and treatment.

Following a brief history of the emergence of OxyContin as a drug of abuse, the analysis traces the physiological and psychological signs and symptoms of abuse as well as the familial, cultural and societal implications of OxyContin abuse. This paper provides an overview and analysis of anger management programs as they are currently used with adults and youth in the justice system juvenile and adultprivate practice e.

The objective of the study is to identify the successes and problems with these groups and programs. The first part of the paper provides a survey of anger management programs across the country, divided into sections on anger management for adults and anger management for youth.

The second part of the paper reviews the limited number of evaluative studies which have examined the actual effectiveness of various anger management programs.

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The concluding section enumerates the concerns and limitations with anger management programs and recommends suspending or scaling back use of these programs based on lack of evidence of their effectiveness.

Following a brief description and overview of the theory of multiple intelligences, the paper describes various ways that the theory can be used in classroom management, including the management of student behavior, both in controlling problem behavior and stimulating student learning.

An Interview on Motivation. The subject for the interview was a forty-three-year old man named Danny. Draws on perceptual theories to explain why people are more likely to pay attention to some types of alarms and not others.

This brief essay addresses three different topics: Notes that while participative leadership by definition involves power sharing and team work, the charismatic leader inspires and attracts subordinate followers. Research Methods in Psychology. This paper provides an overview and analysis of research methods in psychology.

Behavioral paper

Following an overview of the scientific method and its application within psychological research, the processes of creating and testing hypotheses, evaluating a study, and creating a reliable and valid experiment are considered.

The analysis also considers ethical issues in research, including the appropriate and inappropriate use of risk and deception. The statistical analysis of results and the application of descriptive and inferential statistics are also discussed.

The concluding section provides a summary analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of research in psychology. This paper explores and discusses the question of whether there are leaders and followers in fish shoals. After reviewing the basic characteristics of fish shoals and schooling behavior and summarizing the traditional view that fish shoals or schools are self-organized, leaderless systems, the paper consider the possibility of leaders and leadership roles and by implication, followers within organized fish aggregations.

Specifically, within the fish shoal, leadership occurs in the relative absence of organizational hierarchy and outside of the framework of leadership as social dominance.

The Analysis of Human Spacing Behavioral Healthcare. This paper is intended for use by policy makers, research organizations and governmental agencies seeking Screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) was originally developed as a public health model designed to .

Behavioral economics draws upon the fields of economics and psychology to study how people make choices. Behavioral economists believe that the choices individuals make may be neither.

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We argue that behavioral economics has inspired new thinking about the prospect of 'behavioral normative economics' (BNE). The paper sketches important approaches in the field, discusses their theoretical shortcomings, and outlines some initial ideas on how to . Behavioral Psychology research papers examine the psychological theory that looks at behaviorism and the elements of behavior that are observable.

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A behavioral view of teaching and learning is based on the. The behavioral sciences are the scientific disciplines that use observational and experimental methods to study human behavior and its underlying mechanisms. These sciences place from understanding paper.

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