Analysis of 3m command

How to Write a Summary of an Article? This could lead to a brand dilution of 3M in the long run which is not ideal. Table of Contents 1. It has successfully carved a credible name for itself by being true to its brand promise of delivering damage-free, strong hanging solutions which can be removed cleanly and also as an innovative brand through the development of its USP:

Analysis of 3m command

It is a large, global and diversified company with its head office in Minnesota, USA. As a conglomerate, 3M operates in the fields of electronics, security, transport, office, healthcare, manufacturing, government and others.

Their global operations reach more than 65 countries and they utilize a broad range of distribution channels including wholesalers, retailers and online purchases. Link to their website: This has the advantage of reducing cycle risks and the impact of market downturns.

This provides significant financial stability and enables more accurate planning and more robust evaluation of product and market development.

Innovation 3M has a strong reputation in product innovation and heavily invests in the area of research and development. This provides the Analysis of 3m command strategic advantage of more successful new products, more differentiated products, and greater access to new markets.

And as 3M has developed expertise across a range of industry areas, their collective innovation in research and development skills can be leveraged right across the organization. Brand equity 3M has had a long presence in the marketplace and has also built many strong individual brands.

Company Overview for 3M

Overall they have high brand awareness and strong brand equity in the markets in which they operate. This brand equity allows them to access for channels, gain greater market share, and adopt a premium pricing approach in many markets.

Retailer relationships Across the globe, they have established many strong distribution channels and created strong channel relationships. This strength provides them with stability, a lower cost structure, and it allows them to more successfully launch new products, continue to build their brands, and ensure good in-store placement and uptake of point-of-sale material.

Financial backing Like many large companies, 3M has the backing of strong cash flows, profitability and reserves. This allows them to adopt a stronger market position and be engaged in innovation, market expansion, brand building and competitive actions.

Global operations As they operate across 65 countries or so, 3M has greater sources of revenue, have more opportunity for organic growth opportunities, as well as enabling greater cross-learning throughout the organization, especially in terms of success competitive marketing strategy initiatives.

Init was generating around two thirds of its revenues from outside of the United States. Global expertise In addition to operating across multiple countries above3M have developed substantial expertise in entering new countries and markets, often setting up local manufacturing operations, sourcing local suppliers and accessing the relevant marketing distribution channels.

Weaknesses for 3M Diversity Diversity of operations is both a strength and weakness. It is also a weakness because it forces the organization to compete in multiple industries and markets and against multiple competitive sets.

Many of their direct competitors would have the advantage over them of being industry specialists. Multiple Competitors 3M would be face with a very broad range of competitors across many markets. While this in itself is a threat, it also represents a weakness in the way that the organization has been structured.

In other words, this is a business portfolio decision of choice that has created this situation. Lack of focus The firm would need expertise across a whole range of industries, technologies, markets, technology developments, and so on.

Analysis of 3m command

The end result is that they cannot focus on one particular area and would constantly have their resources stretched across these requirements.

Exposed to all environmental factors Being across multiple markets and industries, 3M needs to proactively monitor all environmental factors and regularly adapt their strategy to suit the changing conditions. As a consequence, they would have less stability in their ongoing activities and planning.

Continual investment requirements Being a significant manufacturer and a utilizer of technology, with a reputation for innovation and new product development, 3M would be required from a strategic viewpoint to continually invest in a range of development and expansion areas. This approach would have the impact of creating a higher cost structure for the organization.

Opportunities for 3M Natural market growth 3M would have multiple opportunities across many industries. For instance, they are heavily involved in health care, security, and electronics — all of which are in growth phase in many countries.

New product development Operating across many industries and global markets, there would be constant opportunities for expansion of the product line and targeting new consumers and business segments. This is clearly an opportunity area that 3M generally seeks to exploit.3M Introduction.

3M is fundamentally a science-based company. We produce thousands of imaginative products, and we're a leader in scores of markets - from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives.

3M's business model. 3M has long prided itself on its ability to use research and development (R&D) in order to create differentiated products.

Electro and Communications Business We turn 3M technology into solutions for customers in electrical. eye-catching graphics. and Command. y y y Economic Success: Build lasting customer relationships by developing differentiated.

This example of a SWOT analysis of 3M is designed to help you understand how to prepare an structure a SWOT for strategic input. Company Overview for 3M The brand name of 3M comes from its original name of the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

The 3M Company, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, The restoration plan was based on an analysis of the company property and surrounding lands. The company 3M is a diverse company that was incorporated on June 25, with presence in more than 10 industries alone.

“3M products are sold through a number of distribution channels, including directly to users and through wholesalers, retailers, jobbers, distributors and dealers in a range of trades in a number of countries worldwide” ("3M Co," n.d., para.

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