An analysis of the roles of women in greek society in sophocless play antigone

The best known of his dramas is Oedipus the King. Life and career Sophocles was the younger contemporary of Aeschylus and the older contemporary of Euripides. He was born at Colonus, a village outside the walls of Athens, where his father, Sophillus, was a wealthy manufacturer of armour.

An analysis of the roles of women in greek society in sophocless play antigone

The essay will look at character traits and themes brought out by the characters, the author and plot of A Jury of Her Peers and compare them to Against Neaera, Lysistrata and Antigone, which reveals the life in ancient Greece.

It is also evidenced that there were many similarities as well as differences in the role and challenges facing women in these two societies. In all cases, women are seen as being subordinate to men. Wright gave up singing because Mr.

Wright did not like it. Hale comments that Mrs. He killed that too.

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In Antigone, women were not considered when it came to succession of power. When the two brothers of Antigone and Ismene die, it is Creone who succeeds the kingship and not either of the sisters. When he is first introduced in the play, he says that he succeeded leadership after the death of the brothers because he was the closest of their relatives.

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Similarly, in Against Neaera, it is evident that Neaera is not involved in the proceedings against herself. Even when she is caught in the wrong side of the law; it is Stephanus who is sued in her place. In A Jury of Her Peers, all the ladies involved in the story are the married to someone.

There are the Hales, the Peters, the Wrights and the Gormans. He loves her so much that he defends her before his father, braving the possible repercussions; and he takes his own life when he learns of her demise.

There is also Eurydice who is Creones wife, whom he loves very much. This shows that he was also tempted to take his own life at the pain of losing his wife.

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The two met in Megara where stephanus had stayed at her house. She narrated to him her life story, and especially the trouble she had suffered when she was with Phrynion. He also came to know of her longing to live in Athens and of her fear of doing so because of Phrynion.

We also see that phano, Neaera daughter formerly called Strybele, was married to Phrastor, an Athenian, for a year. After divorce, she was also married to Theogenes from Cothocidae, who was the King-Archon, by trickery.

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In the beginning, Theogenes is described as a good man who was not rich and who did not have much business experience. Stephanus, however, helps him get the King-Archon office and then gives him Phano for marriage. She is also divorced by Theogenes when he discovers that she was not an actual Athenian citizen.

This chain of relationships shows that the position of women as companionships is well grounded into this society. When the Hales, the Peters and Mr. This is mainly negative criticism from the men and empathetic defense by the ladies. For instance, there is a point where Mr.

An analysis of the roles of women in greek society in sophocless play antigone

Henderson is criticizing Mrs. To this statement, Mrs. Failure to mention Mr. Wright in the criticism indicates that the responsibility of housekeeping lies solely on Mrs. Throughout the plot of the story, it seen that the women keep concerning themselves only with the matters of the household while the men move up and down looking for clues.

It is this attention to detail that leads them to uncover the real clues as to the death of Mr. At the point where Mr. Henderson first mentions the dirty roller towel, Mrs. From this, we can conclude that besides housekeeping, the women in this society are actively involved in breadwinning.

On the other hand, according to Against Neaera and Antigone, emphasis is not really laid on women being housekeepers.


This is probably due to the existence of servants who took care of housework.Greek society as a whole was incredibly male-dominant. With a focus on patrilineal and patriarchal ideals, women were viewed as inferior in nearly all aspects of life.

During the reign of the Ancient Greek empire, women were confined to their homes (mans’ attempt to keep them from being rap.

The rise of the family unit radically altered the role of women in Greek public life which ultimately resulted in their removal from public life. With the rise of the polis, single families became the base of society and ownership became more indi-.

When Sophocles wrote Antigone, his heroine defied all of the notions of a woman’s role in 5th century BC Greece - Antigone and the Role of Women in Ancient Greece introduction. Women were given a very restricted role in that society. Sophocles uses the traditional Greek chorus to comment on and interpret the events of the play.

In Antigone, the leader of the chorus is a character, rather than a background figure, and the. Sep 02,  · What is right in one culture, might be revolting in another, thus the play inspires the audience to not divide one perspective as being right and the other wrong.

The Ancient Athenian audience might have had similar thoughts while watching Sophocles Antigone which performed in BCE, right after the Samos Revolt. Appreciate ancient Greek drama through study of a play by Sophocles Evaluate the cultural and historical context of Greek drama and its role in Greek society Reconstruct the experience of seeing a Greek drama performed and share that experience in an imaginative presentation, performance, and report.

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