A history of the battle of the midway

Although damaged, the Yorktown was inport Pearl Harbor and U. Admiral Nimitz directed temporary repairs be affected to the ship to allow her to fight at Midway. At the time, she was assessed as needing several months of repairs, but was gotten underway after 72 hours of round-the-clock repairs.

A history of the battle of the midway

C N Trueman "Battle of Midway" historylearningsite. The History Learning Site, 19 May This force was commanded by Rear Admiral Raymond Spruance. The Commander-in-Chief Pacific, Admiral Chester Nimitzhad received intelligence that the Japanese, after what could be deemed the failure at Coral Sea, was out for a decisive battle against the American Navy.

Nimitz knew that they wanted to capture Midway Island, on the western extremity of the Hawaiian islands, to further extend their control of the Pacific.

A history of the battle of the midway

Yamamoto also believed, correctly as it turned out, that Nimitz would not avoid a major naval battle with the Japanese.

It also contained two defects: He failed to realise that an aircraft carrier could deliver a massive blow to the enemy but at a much greater distance than a battleship could. Yamamoto saw the aircraft carrier as supporting the battleship rather than the other way round. His huge battleships were also slower than any other warship he had and the rest of his fleet had to sail at a pace that suited the battleships.

Spruance and Fletcher had rendezvoused on June 2nd with Fletcher taking control of the two task forces. It is believed that Yamamoto had no idea that he was sailing towards such a large force and his diversionary attacks on Dutch Harbour had failed to lure any part of Task Forces 16 and 17 away from where they were.

The first US attacks took place after a Catalina flying boat, on patrol, spotted the Japanese main fleet. Land based B bombers attacked the fleet and claimed to have sunk two battleships.

Fletcher knew that the Japanese carriers were just miles from his force. Captain D Macintyre Early on June 4th, both fleets launched some of their planes primarily for scouting missions. The Japanese also prepared a number of dive-bombers and escort Zero fighters for an actual attack on Midway.

Fletcher ordered Spruance to sail in a south-westerly direction with Task Force Midway was attacked by Japanese planes at Ten torpedo-bombers had taken off from Midway to attack the Japanese carriers.

Battle of Midway - HISTORY

However, the defence of these ships was such that none scored a hit and only three planes returned to Midway. Now they needed to be re-fuelled and re-armed which left the Japanese fleet commanded by Nagumo very vulnerable as it had neither fighter cover nor were his carriers in a position to do a great deal other than re-equip the planes.

All that Spruance had left behind were sufficient planes to give his ships aerial cover — the rest were sent to attack the Japanese fleet. In all, 67 Dauntless dive- bombers, 29 Devastator torpedo-bombers and 20 Wildcat fighters were involved.

However, they were spread out over a large area and communication between the flight leaders was difficult. In essence, four separate squadrons advanced on the Japanese. Unknown to them, Nagumo had changed course and when the planes arrived at the point that they believed the Japanese would be at — they found nothing.

Some planes searched in vain; a lot of the fighters had to ditch as they simply ran out of fuel. However, the torpedo squadrons, flying low over the water, did find the Japanese carriers — but they had no fighter cover for the attack.

Regardless of this, the attack went ahead despite the extreme danger of it.The Battle of Midway took place between June , , just six months following Pearl Harbor. It is typically regarded as the ''turning point'' of the war in the Pacific Theater.

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Six months before the Battle of Midway, the islands were attacked on December 7, , less than two hours after Pearl Harbor. The Battle of Midway, fought in June , must be considered one of the most decisive battles of World War Two.

The Battle of Midway effectively destroyed Japan’s naval strength when the Americans destroyed four of its aircraft carriers. May 31,  · On this day in , the Battle of Midway–one of the most decisive U.S. victories against Japan during World War II–begins.

The Battle of Midway in June of was one of the most important naval battles in world history and a turning point in the Second World War. Between June 4 and 7, aircraft from aircraft carriers Enterprise, Yorktown, and Hornet of the U.S.

Navy’s Task Forces 16 and 17 ambushed and sank the. USS Midway at Historic Naval Ships Association ashio-midori.com: USS Midway (CV) A Podcast from Speaking of History about a tour of the USS Midway in July

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