1 3 1 3 explain why personal protective clothing should be worn when handling food and drink

PPE is worn toprotect people from everyday hazards of their job.

1 3 1 3 explain why personal protective clothing should be worn when handling food and drink

If dressed in too heavily insulated clothing staff could be susceptible to a heat shock when doing heavy work in a cold environment. The insulating value of the air layer surrounding the subject varies with the air velocity. The face is particularly sensitive to very cold air circulating at high velocity.

Special clothing is always designed to be windproof. The protective clothing for personnel working in cold stores should be properly tailored to the body and dimensioned to the work. The latter aspect is very difficult to achieve, as the intensity of work varies.

The needs and preferences of individuals also vary. While ensuring good thermal protection, clothing should not be too thick, too stiff or too heavy.

The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) -

Clothing should not be too tight in order not to hinder internal air circulation or restrict blood circulation. Best results are obtained if the clothing assembly is constructed according to the so-called several-layer-principle, e. The inner layer next to the skin should regulate the micro climate around the body.

With a thermal vest, appropriate regulation is automatically affected by the movements of the body. The vest produces a thermal insulating stratum of still air next to the skin. If the work is not too heavy, the body will require increased insulation at a minimum of ventilation and the reverse takes place when the body is subjected to heavy work.

The greater the body motion the greater the ventilation should be. The vest also allows for evaporation of perspiration, which is essential, as the perspiration sooner or later will cool off the body, if allowed to be absorbed in the clothing. The middle layer should be insulated as well as permeable to water vapour produced by perspiration.

Warmer items can be made from synthetic materials, e.

Why should personal protective clothing be used when handling food and drink

The outer layer should generally be wind and watertight, but should also be as permeable as possible to water vapour to avoid excessive perspiration. It should allow ventilation at certain areas. Clothing should be adjustable at the wrist and the neck.

The helmet should be lined. It should protect the neck, ears and forehead. Shoes and boots should be lined and fitted with non-skid soles. Gloves are not produced in any standard form and should be chosen to suit the actual work.

They should be properly lined and not too tight. Overtight gloves can cause frost-bite. For psychological reasons the personnel should be allowed some degree of freedom in selecting their clothing. Analysis of environmental stresses show that draughts have a great influence on comfort and must therefore be avoided.

Lighting should be adequate to facilitate handling operations. Psychologically, a well lit room appears less cold than a dark room. Staff should be provided with heated rooms, where they can rest and dry their clothes if necessary.

Resting periods require time and cost money hence they should be properly planned and supervised.All personal protective equipment (PPE) that is intended for use as a medical device must follow FDA's regulations and should meet applicable voluntary consensus standards for protection. Leave protective clothing in the lab and do not wear it to other non-lab areas.

4. Avoid loose fitting items of clothing.

1 3 1 3 explain why personal protective clothing should be worn when handling food and drink

Wear appropriate shoes (sandals are not allowed) in the laboratory. 5. Keep your workspace free of all unnecessary materials. Backpacks, purses, and coats should be placed in the cubbyholes by the front door of the lab.

Meet food safety requirements Essay Sample. Workers should be aware of and practice personal Hygiene – eg, hand washing. complying with health and safety legislation policies and procedures of setting reducing the risk of food poisoning Why personal protective clothing should be used when handling food and drink:protecting food .

Protective clothing The term clo was introduced in order to define the insulating quality of clothing assembly.

2 Correct food storage

By definition, one clo will provide thermal comfort to a man sitting in an ambient of 21 °C, 50 percent relative humidity and m/s air velocity. food safety me asures when providing food and drink for individuals. Explain why personal protective clothing should be used when handling food and drink.

Explain why surfaces, utensils and equipment must be clean before beginning a new task. Explain the importance of cl earing and disposing of food waste promptly and safely. Keep upwind. Avoid bodily contact with the material.

Do not handle broken packages unless wearing appropriate personal protective equipment. Wash away any material which may have contacted the body with copious amounts of water or soap and water.

If contact with the material anticipated, wear appropriate chemical protective clothing.

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